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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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Quite a reach. An air war to prevent flooding at an embassy 200 miles downstream? Why not say the real reason? Everyone knows it: The dam is a priceless strategic asset, possession of which alters the balance of power in this war.


"They have ginormous eyes. Like really ridiculously big. Teeny-tiny ski slope noses. Exaggerated delicate ski sloppiness, actually. Barbie doll proportions of their bodies in general: tiny waists, ample busts, and huge heads. They look like dolls. They don't look like the same species as the male characters even What's up with that?" the "Blossom" alum continued.

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“The property has quite a colourful history,” says Dettori. “Before the Second World War, it was a coach house which doubled as a small hotel. The Queen Mother used to stay here when she was visiting Newmarket. We have tweaked the property inside quite a bit, to reflect our own tastes, and installed a big, open-plan kitchen, suitable for a large family. But in essence, the house has the same appeal it would have had 100 years ago. It has views of the surrounding countryside and, with the green belt running right up to the front of the house, that is not going to change.”

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With home values rising, more Americans have equity in their homes. That has generated plenty of cheers from homeowners, and it’s also brought back the home equity line of credit as a popular option for the first time since before the Great Recession.

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Apple is known to make tough demands on its parts suppliers for new iPhones and iPads as it competes to create designs, shapes, sizes and features to set it apart and command a premium price in a fiercely competitive gadget market. This can cause glitches and delays, including screen problems that limited supplies at last year's launch of a high-resolution version of Apple's iPad Mini.

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"They said they didn't make those criticisms and they didn'trepresent their opinions," Xu told reporters. "Our antitrustenforcement work is strictly conducted according to regulations.It is fair and transparent."

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On my office wall is a picture of Harold Macmillan, my once predecessor as MP for Bromley. It's well known that the Prime Minister has one on his wall at No 10 as well. Someone asked me the other day what Macmillan would have made of me, a one-nation Tory, bringing forward a Private Members’ Bill to enshrine in law a referendum on the UK's continued membership of the European Union, an issue which dominated the latter part of his Premiership.

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The sentence came after defense lawyers stressed that Wright was re-elected by a landslide, even after he was charged in the case, and that voters who want Wright to continue serving would be hurt by a stiff penalty.

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A statement from Sports Direct, which is sold via concessions in four Debenhams stores, reveals that it spent around 33m on an additional 56 million shares in Debenhams, taking its total stake to 11.2%.