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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that Microsoft views video games as a way to expand the company's footholds in PCs and mobile phones. In a letter to employees in July, Mr. Nadella called gaming the 'single biggest digital life category, measured in both time and money spent, in a mobile-first world, the report added.

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This is no grand revelation. Jeter’s history with the baseball media here is all the evidence needed. He spent two decades steering clear of controversy, offering direct but vanilla answers from the Bombers clubhouse. That’s just who he is.

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If you are a musician or an actor, post pictures of your performances. If you are an athlete, upload a video of yourself in action. If you do volunteer work — at an animal shelter, hospital, soup kitchen or similar volunteer opportunity — post an item that shows you working in that capacity. Doing so lends credence and weight to your application.

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As sexist customs go, this is the most bare-faced of the lot. Maiden names are for maidens, not bachelors. Only women are expected, literally, to give up their identity when they marry. People offer all sorts of reasonable-sounding justifications for it. It’s nice for the children; less confusing at the school gates; makes the marital paperwork easier. Most of all, it shows a proper commitment to the family unit: why wouldn’t you want to share a name with the bone of your bones and flesh of your flesh?

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“It wasn’t possible,” Richardson said. “Do you see how we play defense? Do you see how our box seven plays? It’s tough, man. ... It was a joke. We laughed it off. We were teasing him in the game, because they only rushed for 25 yards. So, point proven.”

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A federal jury has convicted former Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland on charges that he conspired to be paid for work on two political campaigns while disguising those payments in business deals.

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- Statement from television network E, which aired Rivers' "Fashion Police" show, and parent company NBCUniversal: "For decades Joan has made people laugh, shattered glass ceilings and revolutionized comedy.She was unapologetic and fiercely dedicated to entertaining all of us and has left an indelible mark on the people that worked with her and on her legions of fans."

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The CFTC should make sure that the LME complies with theagency's rules, the letter said, identifying several LMEpolicies as problematic and a possible cause for skewing themarket and making it vulnerable to manipulation.

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Gamucci CEO Tony Scanlan, who worked at a leading tobacco company for 17 years before branching out, told Reuters Gamucci is close to securing an injection of about 20 million pounds ($32.4 million) and may weigh going public when it gets bigger.

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Palestinians launched more than 180 rockets on Tuesday and Wednesday, mainly at southern Israel, with some intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system, the military said. No casualties were reported on the Israeli side.

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Criticism of the handling of the Rice case led the NFL to apologize and toughen its domestic violence penalties. Official beer sponsor Anheuser-Busch on Tuesday criticized the league for its handling of a spate of abuse cases.

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All along the ragged shore of Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic coast of the Delmarva Peninsula, north into New England and south into Florida, along the Gulf Coast and parts of the West Coast, people, businesses and governments are confronting rising seas not as a future possibility. For them, the ocean’s rise is a troubling everyday reality.

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Dozens of cases are brought back to Japan each year, but health officials recently confirmed the first locally transmitted cases in 65 years. As of Thursday, the number of infections was reported at 55.

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"While offering a slower route than plant production, theinfrastructure for manufacturing in CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary)cells is well established, which means the potential scale ofdrug production is greater than the production capacity ofexisting PMP (plant-made pharmaceutical) facilities," thecompany said.

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A spokesman for the environment ministry said the government was still committed to removing the platforms, which contain enough steel to build two Eiffel towers. But one expert employed by cruise ship company Costa Crociere said the Giglio vote might now change its mind. "This is the first time Giglio takes a vote and it may persuade people at the ministry," said marine biologist Giandomenico Ardizzone.

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“I don’t think he can (right the ship),” Hodge said. “This is who he is. ... And they (the Jets) are always going to be frustrated because you will see moments when he is great, then he will hurt you with the simple things.”

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Things didn’t look promising in the first inning when Derek Jeter and Brett Gardner ran themselves into an inning-ending double play on a botched double-steal attempt that saw both runners thrown out. It was the second straight night the Yankees helped run themselves out of an inning.

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For the first time, the contest established a separate catch-and-release striped bass category, based on length. Bill Wetzel from Ridge, L.I., caught the 34-inch winner which at 34 pounds also happened to be the contest’s overall heaviest striper.

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Windows 10 will be "our greatest enterprise platform ever," said Terry Myerson, Microsoft's head of operating systems, at an event in San Francisco. Only 20 percent of organizations migrated to Windows 8, which was released two years ago, according to tech research firm Forrester. Many PC users disliked the touch-optimized interface and bemoaned the loss of the traditional start-button pop-up menu.

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The differences were most noticeable among patients not already using antispasmodic treatment, among whom almost 40% of those taking the cannabis extract gained relief compared with just over 16% of those taking placebo.

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The growth rate is not expected to mature anytime soon. Online spending by Chinese shoppers is forecast to triple from its 2011 size by 2015. Beyond that, Alibaba has said it plans to expand into emerging markets and, eventually, into Europe and the U.S.

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He added that the reduced healthcare costs could also benefit the patients financially. “There are co-pays for medication, co-pays and deductibles for clinic visits and hospital, so that should directly impact their pocketbook as well,” he said.