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The Ravens trailed 21-20 in Cleveland and had the ball at the 50 with 1:58 left. They entered the game as 1-point favorites, with the over-under at 41 points. Joe Flacco’s 32-yard completion to Steve Smith on second-and-5 put the Ravens in field-goal range, and Justin Tucker went on to drill the 33-yard kick as time expired to give Baltimore a 23-21 road victory, spoiling the day for those who took Cleveland and/or the under.

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“I wouldn’t say it’s an attitude,” Sharapova insisted. “It’s more of a presence. Every individual is different, their personalities and their emotions and how they handle themselves.”

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The protests are the worst in Hong Kong since China resumedits rule in 1997. They also represent one of the biggestpolitical tests for Beijing since it violently crushedpro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

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Should Tanaka get through his two starts without any issues, it would give both the Yankees and their ace some peace of mind heading into next season. If he experiences any pain or soreness, the $155 million man could be headed for Tommy John surgery, knocking him out of action for the entire 2015 campaign.

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From the Palestinian perspective much will now depend on the extent to which their tightly controlled borders are opened and to what extent supplies begin to flow, not just to restore some semblance of normal daily life but to allow the work of rebuilding to begin. That task will take many years.

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"In Georgia, Moldova and even Azerbaijan, Moscow has helped cultivate conditions to foment vocal sentiments favouring separatism even in situations where the population is far from a consensus, as polls in Ukraine have shown," he says.

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The next steps, if any, for locating the New York couple's remains or wreckage from their single-engine turboprop Socata TBM700 were not immediately clear. The Caribbean waters where the high-performance plane went down has depths of roughly 2,000 meters.

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The great deaths of 18th and 19th Century literature and biography may be immensely sad, but they show the elderly at least enthroned in an old familiar bed. "That will do” all a pillow can do," said Dr Johnson at the end to his carers, and at least he was allowed still to be himself, moralising to a cushion.

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“They did all meet earlier at a club here in town. From there they went and got some alcohol, and then for reasons I’m still not clear on they ended up on this street,”Chief Jarrod Burguan said.

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At this point, King Hussein of Jordan unleashed his fury upon Israel, a country with which only two years previously he had signed a peace agreement. With the support of the US president, Bill Clinton, the King issued an ultimatum: Israel must provide the antidote to the poison, or the Mossad agents would face trial and likely execution.

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Chinese human rights violations offend our American and European sensibilities — even as we admire the high speed rail — because we already have our prosperity. We expect more. Will Chinese citizens typically come to expect more, too? A young college graduate in a Shanghai cafill not be able to read this column. (Mentioning Tiananmen Square, twice now, pretty much guarantees that.) Will this curtailment of freedom be more offensive to a young professional with an apartment and a car than it was to his father, who assembled iPhones, or to his grandfather, who was a subsistence farmer? In the long run, I suspect that government censorship, election meddling and other limits on personal freedom will grow ever more irksome.

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“There seemed to be some struggles. Obviously, as a punt returner, we know he had the muffed punt (against the Giants) and things like that, but that wasn’t the reason. We just felt that we have better options on this football team for our current situation right now,” coach Rex Ryan said. “For his benefit, to have an early release like this, may provide him an opportunity to maybe catch on with another team.”

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In a statement, al-Shabab also warned: "Avenging the death of our scholars and leaders is a binding obligation on our shoulders that we will never relinquish nor forget no matter how long it takes."