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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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If successful, Brown would become only the third U.S. senator to serve multiple states. He represented Massachusetts after winning a 2010 special election for the late Democrat Ted Kennedy's seat. But he lost to Democrat Elizabeth Warren in 2012 and moved last year to New Hampshire, where he had a vacation home and lived as a toddler.

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"We find ourselves in a vicious cycle," Garamendi said at a news conference in the city of Davis, near Sacramento. "When we run out of money to fight wildfires, and that happens frequently, we dip into the very funds that help prevent wildfires."

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"Dan Page, speaking to the St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri Chapter of Oath Keepers, explains how they plan to end American sovereignty and the Constitution, establishing martial law and merging the U.S. with the New World Order."

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While "wearables" is a flexible term that covers health andfitness wrist bands, ear pieces, and even smart glasses orgoggles, research firm CCS Insight predicts 87 percent of themarket will be wrist-worn devices by 2018.

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The Telegraph revealed on Friday that the King family have business and family connections to Spain, particularly around the Marbella area and it is now thought they may have headed to the resort town.

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The Bank of Japan is widely expected to keep monetary settings unchanged at its two-day policy meeting ending on Tuesday, but it is likely to offer a bleaker view on industrial production, reflecting a surprise plunge in August's factory output.

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Eight of the children had Dravet syndrome, a rare genetic condition in which seizures may be brought on by fever, infectious disease, or vaccination. Three of the children had developmental delays and structural brain defects that could cause epilepsy. Four other children had gene mutations that could cause epilepsy, brain malformations, or a family history of the disease.

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I was born in Scotland and lived there until my early twenties, and my whole family lives there. After living in England for 16 years I'm now based in South America. I have no vote and nor would I if I still lived in England.

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None the less, there are plainly things that the central bank can do to help ease any necessary adjustment. Unlike its counterparts in Britain, the US and Japan, the ECB has largely failed to apply the tool kit, and has therefore become very much part of the eurozone’s problem.

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"Since the bonds are in global form, they have to beactually exchanged in the clearing systems," said AntoniaStolper, a partner at law firm Shearman & Sterling, which is notdirectly involved in the litigation against Argentina.

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"We view the profitable Ravicti base business as strong andcontinue to view Hepatic Encephalopathy as an ability to atleast double peak sales potential over the long term," analystsat Leerink wrote in a note, reiterating their "outperform"rating.

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Dehgan's comments come just two days before a deadline for Iran to give its response to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over historic allegations of a military dimension to its nuclear research.

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"I sent an email out to my family, I said just so you know, this happened. Blah, blah, blah. P.S. I'm not pregnant, P.S.S I'm not getting a divorce. I was able to get everything out in the email, which was great."

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The bits of color (green eyes, yellow flames, red blood) have no logic but look cool. For a short while, puffed-chest pronouncements have pizzazz. Then the movie gets antsy, since comic-book iconography and attitude take things only so far. (Miller’s 2008 movie of “The Spirit” suffered the same fate.)

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HONG KONG, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's initial public offering now ranks as the world'sbiggest in history at $25 billion, after the e-commerce giantand some of its shareholders sold additional shares.

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“I don’t regret anything,” Johnson said of Idzik’s inability to close the deal for DRC. “You can’t look back. You got to look forward. We made an offer that we thought was fair, and given what we wanted to do . . . I think we made the decision we were comfortable with.”

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Switzerland is the world's largest offshore cash center with roughly 2 trillion Swiss francs ($2.17 trillion) in assets. It was forced to make concessions on secrecy laws due to a global tax crackdown.

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The campaign banners were widely condemned on social media as they seem to have copied the hashtag, "Bring Back Our Girls", which went viral following the abduction of more than two hundred schoolgirls.

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Apparently, this whole ‘craft beer’ carry-on that’s been happening has been pretty bad news for the Black Stuff. Forever the go-to guy in boozers where the only other option was ropey cooking lagers, the ubiquitious Oirish stout has suffered as drinkers have broadened their beer horizons.

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“I feel like this team is very capable — more so than last year — of really going on a tear and winning a lot of games,” Robertson said. “We just need to make it happen. We need to get in a groove.”

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Medical experts are also concerned about the consequences of repeated, more minor blows to the head, which might not cause concussion but all together can produce permanent, sometimes devastating damage.

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"We have listened to these concerns. We are however very aware that the independent clinical review panel undertook a thorough review at the end of last year and set out its reasons why option 2 did not represent a viable clinical model.

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Sinopec's marketing and distribution unit, which includes awholesale business, has more than 30,000 petrol stations, over23,000 convenience stores, as well as oil-product pipelines andstorage facilities.

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The carmaker currently has around a 37 percent share ofChina's new energy vehicle market, and said it expects tofurther strengthen its position in the second half of the yearwith new models and expanded production capacity. (Reporting by Donny Kwok and Samuel Shen; Editing by KennethMaxwell)

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Some traders said pressure on the shilling could becushioned by inflows attracted by yields on Ugandan debt. Yieldson Ugandan debt have been edging up in recent months although atthis week's auction rates on 91-day and 364-day paper fell.

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TTY can certainly increase yields without increasing costs but there is still more research to be done. TTY does have a lifespan issue that results in a higher maintenance cost when repositioned against traditional temperature based harvesting via cold kiln technology. This will reduce costs but not at a significant level as without a script that describes the anal packages of yeast interactions with sugars we are still only at square one.

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I didn’t really get the china thing, but as an adult I quickly developed his more generic love of stuff. Like my grandfather, I favoured objects that told a story, my story. Like him, I often made my best purchases when I was abroad: two carved female figures bought in an Indian desert, a miniature red-painted wooden horse from Mongolia, a small stone ear of corn from the Andes, a clay foot broken off a pot in Guatemala.

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Brown had previously pleaded not guilty in the case. A trial scheduled for April was delayed, and two previous attempts to reach a plea deal fell through. Onorato said there were "nuances" of difference in the potential deals.