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NOROCK : Climate Change and Native Salmonids

NameNOROCK : Climate Change and Native Salmonids
Project PurposeDeveloped by a cooperative research project team consisting of fisheries researchers from USGS, US Forest Service, and Trout Unlimited, the goal of the Climate Change and Native Salmonids collaborative research site is to host a dynamic array of resources for stakeholders interested in the consequences of various climate scenarios to native trout management and restoration. Our team is studying how global warming and associated climate change may drive landscape scale impacts that affect the fresh water habitats of key native fish species. Specific research questions we will explore include: * What is the geographic distribution of target species or populations in relationship to current temperature and flow regimes? * How are the flow and temperature regimes likely to change in response to a warming climate, and which habitats and populations will be affected most? * How will these large-scale changes in climate affect native salmonid distributions across the western United States? * How well do broad scale estimates of the relationship between climate variables (i.e. stream temperature, flow) and native salmonid distribution reflect actual measurements within a basin? Contact: Jeff Kershner Phone: 406-994-5304 Email:

This project operates in Colorado.
Sector(s) Water
Wildlife, ecosystems, and forestry
Climate-sensitive recreation and tourism
WebsiteClimate Change and Native Salmonids Collaborati Research Site
Participating Organizations