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NameState-level Economic Impacts of a National Climate Change Policy White Paper
Release Year2008
Primary AuthorOrganization
DescriptionThe objective of this report is to illustrate insights into alternative policy options and the potential impact nationally and explicitly at the state level associated with a modest GHG control policy.    Differences in the structure of the economy across the United States are likely to cause these impacts to diverge from those estimated for the country as a whole. Because acceptance of a national GHG policy is likely to depend on such state-level effects, an analysis such as this report is essential to understand the potential magnitudes of these impacts, their economic foundations, and how a policy may be designed to address them.   The subsequent sections in this report are organized as follows. Section II provides an overview of the key features of the policy analyzed in this report, describes the computable general equilibrium (CGE) model used in the analysis, and discusses how the macroeconomic model considers quantitative features of the illustrative policy considered. Section III presents estimated policy effects for the United States as a whole and for specific states, and Section IV summaries the main findings. Finally, Appendix A offers results of sensitivity analyses that have been conducted on various modeling assumptions, and Appendix B gives more information about the macroeconomic model.
KeywordsClimate Change, Colorado, Adaptation, Impacts, States, Technology, Infrastructure, Transportation, Modeling

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