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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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The state's high court ruled on July 3 that health care for retired state workers is a pension benefit protected by a state constitutional provision prohibiting the diminishment or impairment of those benefits.


It has been easy this summer to feel pessimistic about the consequences of violent events erupting across the world, and worry about them being echoed here. That’s why we must all rally and support our hard-fought British values – tolerance, freedom and the rule of law.

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Tesla will have to give some or all of the money back if it fails to spend $3.5 billion in the state within 10 years. The agreement also mandates half the jobs go to Nevada residents, at both the factory expected to employ 6,000-plus and among the 3,000 projected construction jobs.

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Deals with rural carriers could offer Sprint a lifeline to improve its national presence following the collapse of the merger with T-Mobile. So far, Sprint has already saved an estimated $1.7 billion in costs of building new towers and other infrastructure, according to a source familiar with the calculations.

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Two categories of visas - a three-year term and a five-year term - are being proposed. They will apply to those who arrived in Australia before it introduced its policy of resettling refugees who arrive by boat overseas.

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Jackie Robinson West lived up to its never-say-die credo — continually winning when a loss would have ended its journey through the tournament — by opening the sixth on singles by Jones and Hondras. After a terrific diving catch by Dong Wan Sin on Jackson’s hard shot, Darion Radcliff came through with a two-run single and Joshua Houston — the pitching and hitting hero of the U.S. final win a day earlier — also had a single to bring the Chicago fans to their feet.

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Critics say his persistence with failed policies, such as strict currency controls and squeezes on the private sector, are to blame for Venezuela's high inflation, economic slowdown and widespread shortages.

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Denver appeared done after Kam Chancellor intercepted Manning at the Seattle 13 with 2:25 left, leading to Steven Hauschka's 28-yard field goal with 59 seconds remaining. But Manning pulled Denver even with stunning precision, going 80 yards in just 41 seconds and without any timeouts.

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City face Bayern with manager Pellegrini completing a two-match touchline ban for criticising the match officials following last season’s first-leg defeat against Barcelona at the Etihad.

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"The consumer goods sector was a clear outperformer, reporting not just output growth, but also a strong rise in new work, a rise in new export orders, and an increase in outstanding business," he said.

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"I remember reading about one man in particular, who left a letter saying he had no place in the world. So this is something that we have created, because we don't seem to care about people like this, whether they disappear or not.