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By decrying the sweep of eavesdropping on Palestinians, andthe role such espionage plays in setting up air strikes thathave often inflicted civilian casualties, the move opened awindow on clandestine practices that usually go unreported.

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It may be going too far to say that a new Caliphate of manners and etiquette is called for in the intimate personal spaces of the health club; but we obviously need a new Confucius to set out the conventions and courtesies that are expected of a gentleman in this minefield, especially between the sexes.

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“I’m sure there are people thinking, ”Ahh, another politician-like person coming in trying to sell us a bunch of bull.’ And that’s my job to win them over, to tell them, ”No, this time it will be different or fire me. I want you to if I even dare replicate my predecessor.’”

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Whatever deeper meaning the chattering class can divine from the event, Cruz was right when he told those hectoring and booing his remarks that if they could not stand with Israel and the Jews, he could not stand with them — mic drop — and left the stage. What happened at this particular conference — even though those hooting the Texas senator’s references to Israel were clearly in the minority — is a reminder to us all that anti-Semitism is not only alive and well, it’s making a comeback.

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And so here they come, the lookalikes - Pippa, Kate, Harry, Wills, Simon Cowell, President Putin - miming and dancing along to some of our greatest operatic arias. Pippa sways in time to the Habanera from Carmen, while crassly mistranslated surtitles sing the praises of her infamous posterior. David Beckham reclines, surrounded by lithe dancers with golden footballs, while intoning an ode to Victoria to the tune of O Mio Babbino Caro, in a caterwauling Estuary accent (he is one of a handful of performers to sing live).