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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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Germany introduced a flat 25 percent tax on capital gains withheld at source in 2009 after some high-profile tax evasion cases. Church tax was included in it for efficiency, to be withheld from 2015 after the necessary preparations were made.

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Khan, who had initially appeared to be recovering, was nevertold that the drug was available. Two weeks after his death, theWorld Health Organization approved the use of experimental drugsto tackle Ebola, on Aug. 12.

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Time Warner Inc-owned cable network TNT is currently airing the first season of "Legends." The disputed episode, "Lords of War," shows an undercover FBI agent, played by British actor Sean Bean, burning a suspect with an iron to get him to confess to whom he is selling VX, an extremely toxic nerve gas.

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GAO, the investigative arm of Congress, found that the administration took a major risk going live with HealthCare.gov last fall when the system was still not fully tested. Some testing was incomplete as of June.

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It's a big improvement from Saudi Arabia's zero profitgrowth in 2012 and a 6 percent increase last year. That poorperformance was almost entirely due to weak profits atpetrochemical firms, which saw product prices sag because of theeconomic slump in Europe.

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GLENEAGLES, Scotland To see Josh Olson and Noah Galloway, to shake their hands, feel their determination and optimism, you get just a sense of the emotions the U.S. Ryder Cup team felt when these two Wounded Warriors addressed them Tuesday night.

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Mr Williams said an autopsy carried out the day after Mr Walker’s death found he had not died as the result of a disease or a medical emergency, but had a very large amount of alcohol in his bloodstream.

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But realistically, a convention could happen if there was widespread political pressure, with a coordinated presentation of fresh petitions that definitely fit the Article V language. In the past, that's usually the point at which Congress steps in to control the process by passing amendments itself, but with this Congress, it's probably a safe bet that it will do nothing.


Kuroda’s legacy won’t match any of those three, but after taking a pair of one-year contracts in 2013-14 for a combined $31 million to stay with the Yankees, Kuroda has given them a steady presence near the top of the rotation without bogging them down with another onerous long-term deal.

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Dr. Susan Krumdieck: “A lot of discussion, and maybe with some regulation, is aimed at energy efficiency, savings and conservation, and that’s actually key to getting a system that works with renewables. When you think about what you’re willing to spend for electricity, it’s really what you’re willing to spend for the services that you get. And we want to get those services without as much coal and gas, but we are thinking in terms of historically having that coal and gas and having very low-cost electricity. The thinking changes when your electricity is very expensive. So there’s a problem with our perception of how things are, and in my research area part of what we’re working on is to really understand how new products and new systems and new communications can be used to actually transition away from our historical experience of being able to use however much electricity we want, at any time we want, and not having a very big bill for that. And to transition more to like what someone who’s off-grid does, where they buy the amount of power generation that is commensurate with the services that they value the most. So it’s sort of a whole different economy that goes along with a whole different power generation system when it’s running on renewables.”

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Graphene paint may mean the end of rust forever on any surfaces treated with the material. Graphene consists of a sheet of carbon atoms, just one atom thick. The material has remarkable electronic and physical characteristics that could revolutionize a wide range of industries.