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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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This week there have been several reports in China of a potential deal, including one on the sina.com.cn news portal quoting unnamed sources as saying Intel would get 20 percent of Tsinghua Unigroup for $1.5 billion.

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Despite the crisis, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was in Qatar meeting Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal to push him to return to a cease-fire, and to encourage Qatar to support Egyptian cease-fire efforts, a Palestinian official said.

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The Chartered Institute of Housing - which represents housing professionals - and the Resolution Foundation - which campaigns for better living standards for people on low and modest incomes - say in a joint report that the rapid increase in property prices has left more people on private landlords.

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There are also those cults designed wholly with the pursuit of sex in mind. As I write these words thousands of men are trying desperately to master the art of approaching women by reducing it to a formula which, so its proponents claim, will make it possible to “attract the women you’ve always wanted any place, anytime, and in any situation”. This is otherwise known as the “seduction community”, a subculture of men made famous by Neil Strauss’s 2005 book The Game and VH1’s hit reality show “The Pick-Up Artist”.

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Despite Howard's brilliant performances during this summer's World Cup, national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann said that when he returns, “he has to prove that he deserves to be back.” At the same time, Klinsmann said he understands Howard's decision to spend time with his family during the softer parts of Everton's Premier League schedule, which opened last week.

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Looters burst into the Iraqi National Museum the day after Baghdad fell to U.S. troops in April 2003, making off with scores of priceless artifacts and leaving the floor littered with shattered pottery.

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Obama defeated Clinton in the state's leadoff presidential caucuses in January 2008, and the former secretary of state has not returned since. Iowa Democrats said Clinton remained widely popular and predicted she would receive broad support if she chooses to run again.

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President Obama said he was appalled by the 40-year-old correspondent’s brutal murder and has vowed to punish the killers. He also revealed that U.S. special forces had tried earlier in the summer to free Foley and Steven Sotloff, another U.S. reporter being held by ISIS.

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Those facing increased demand may be hiring more people rather than investing in new equipment. And the rise in part-time working and self-employment may conceal some involuntary job creation: people who would like full-time salaried jobs making do with whatever work they can find.

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"The biggest danger for Apple in China is always the uncertain regulatory environment," said stratechery.com's Thompson. "It's very plausible to see the government moving against Apple's App Store policy."

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Xiloyannis said it took Amazon 10 years to break even. "WhenI look at Zalando, I see a venture which has done it in half thetime - I see the Rocket companies performing faster than thefirst pioneers of e-commerce in terms of breaking even."

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European leaders have agreed to hit Russia with a freshround of sanctions - despite Moscow signing up to a ceasefire inUkraine. The sanctions include credit restrictions on Russiancompanies, export bans, travel bans and asset freezes on a newset of officials. (bit.ly/1lLzJ6u)

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Spokesman Andriy Lysenko said it was an attempt "by the Russian military in the guise of Donbass fighters (rebels) to open a new area of military confrontation". But there were enough resources to repel any attack, he added.

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Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy cheered on as she accepted the Village Vanguard award after performing songs from her latest album. Husband Jay Z called his wife the ”greatest living entertainer.’

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A Scottish Government spokesman said HPS work "on an ongoing basis with the industry to ensure they are prepared to deal effectively with the risks posed by Ebola". She added: "However it should be noted that the risk remains low and that most activity of the oil and gas industry is located in Nigeria, where the last case was confirmed on August 30."