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According to those who have seen it, it will demonstrate not only that the U.S. government tortured victims all over the world, but that its techniques were not those revealed and approved by congressional regulators, that the CIA repeatedly lied to its own congressional supporters and, most importantly, that the torture did not produce any material actionable intelligence, including the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden.

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Elsewhere in the village, an elderly woman is seated outside a smoky Tukul. She smiles brightly as we approach her, and removes a pipe, lights it and blows out a huge puff of smoke, as her neighbours cheer her on.

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"This was the interesting thing," said Dr Auersperg "They were successful and interacting with the materials, but they weren't copying Figaro - they devised their own strategy of obtaining the reward."

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Of course, Howard's sabbatical sounds vaguely similar to the sabbatical Landon Donovan took which contributed to the country's most accomplished international player not being selected to Klinsmann's World Cup roster. If Howard is ready, willing and able you can be sure he'll be on the roster in four years.

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"The situation is difficult but the Ukrainian fighting spirit is stronger than that of the occupants," Poroshenko said in reference to more than 1,000 Russian soldiers that Nato believes the Kremlin pushed across the Ukrainian border in recent days.

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The Giants never trailed after scoring four runs in the first inning against Cubs starter Edwin Jackson (6-14). The Giants' Joe Panik, back in the lineup after suffering a dislocated pinky finger Sunday, also went 3-for-5 with an RBI.

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“It’s fun. It’s a lot better when they’re cheering for you,” Jeter said. “The fans have been great to me all season. Now, I feel good, and we’re still trying to win games. Until we’re out of games we all need to battle and play as hard as we can.”