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The Basel-based company has seen growing demand for its outsourcing services over the past year as drugmakers invest in specialized drugs that are hard to produce, such as antibody-drug conjugates and ingredients for cell and viral therapies.

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Hong Kong retail sales recorded a narrower year-on-yeardecline in July than in the preceding month with sales ofjewellery and valuable gifts remaining the main drag. Thegovernment expects the retail business to become stable in thecoming months as the high base effects gradually wane.

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"Time Out of Mind" and "Shelter," which had their world premieres at the 11-day movie showcase, and "Heaven Knows What," which came to Toronto after a debut at the Venice festival, all focus on characters who struggle with homelessness and addiction on the streets of New York.

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The uniform shirt, tan with camouflage sleeves and an American flag patch on the right shoulder — stars forward to invoke the historical role of a flag-bearer leading a charge into battle — belonged to a now-retired member of SEAL Team Six, which put an end to the long manhunt for the world's most wanted terrorist. The garment "connects us in a powerful and immediate way to that operation," Museum Director Alice Greenwald said.

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Hedaya said one of his clients, whom he declined to name, has five global homes all with the same finishes, the same furniture, the same linens, the same clothing, the same toothbrush, the same gym equipment and even the same coffee mugs. Each pair of jeans he buys, he buys enough for all his homes.

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The PMA, meanwhile, has focused less on the hardware andmore on the application programming interface that would allowothers to connect to it. Its main backers are companies likeProcter & Gamble and Starbucks Corp, whichpromises to roll out charging surfaces in its U.S. outlets bythe end of next year.

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"Therefore, there is likely to be a substantial increase in market activity in the coming months, with an increase seen in the volume of sales and investments. This could disrupt house prices in the short-term, although not significantly."


Around the corner from the locker room, in a hallway that leads to the indoor practice field at One Jets Drive, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg paused. He then offered an account of his part in the ill-timed request for a timeout in Sunday’s loss.

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“Armored up in tanks and riot gear, firing tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets, the police of this small town have somehow found the military-grade weapons of a full-scale war and are pointing them at protesters and journalists, who by press accounts, are mostly peaceful.”

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South Africa said on Thursday that due to fears over the spread of the Ebola virus it was banning travelers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone from entering the country, apart from its own citizens.

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Then, playing neatly into Democratic accusations that Republicans are engaged in a war on women, Sens. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and Mike Lee of Utah bottled it up. They warn that the museum could turn into a costly boondoggle. Of course they do. That’s what they say about everything they don’t like.

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Health officials in Macedonia say they were following guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, particularly after initial information that the man had recently traveled to Nigeria. Authorities said on Friday he had in fact last been in Africa six years ago.

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The independent Levada polling group said in August public support in Russia for direct military intervention in Ukraine had fallen by nearly half from March, noting that Russians would hardly want to "see their young men's coffins" coming home after the first reports of Russians being killed in action in Ukraine.

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The Congress party's Bindu Krishna said the singer's comments were "immature" and "vulgar" while CPI(M) MP TN Seema said they smacked of "perversion" and insulted Kerala's achievements in gender equality.

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Miley Cyrus naked and raunchy? Say it “ain’t” so The tongue busted twerker has reached new heights on the cover and spread for V magazine. Seeing the former Hannah Montana star wearing barely there clothing is nothing new, but for V she actually strips down to her birthday suit. The 91st issue of V is toting the “art of rebellion,” and who else fits that perfectly? Enter Miley, shot by none other than Karl Lagerfeld. In the issue fans can get up close and much too personal with Miley.

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Indeed, the TIAA-CREF survey found that Gen Y reliesprimarily on personal networks, such as family and friends, for financialadvice. Younger Americans arealsomore likely than older adults to say theylook to their parents or other family members to get financial advice. “Themajority of Gen Y prefer face-to-face interactions around financial advice,”Jones notes, despite their reputation for being addicted to their smartphones.

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Many believe that Sharif, a wealthy steel magnate from Pakistan’s wealthiest and most populous province, has only himself to blame. Ordinary Pakistanis have not seen many improvements since he took office. Apart from the annual budget, not a single law was passed in his first year. Draft legislation to tackle corruption and electoral reform has languished.