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Grande also sexed-up her sound, a process that begin earlier this summer with the release of the humongous single, “Problem,” cut with Iggy Azalea. One of this summer’s defining songs, it conformed to the kind of snitty teen-pop favored by more explicit teen-singers.

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Hong Kong is just such another miracle of alchemy that the Chinese people and the world wrought together, and yet Beijing insists that foreign hostile forces are trying to undermine Hong Kong's stability and use it as a bridgehead to subvert China.

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Irsay appeared in a Hamilton County court in Noblesville on Tuesday for a change-of-plea hearing. The 55-year-old Irsay will be on probation for a year and will be required to submit to drug tests. His driver's license has been suspended for one year.

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Economic stress, mental illness, insufficient coping skills, lack of support and substance abuse are among the factors, Neblett said. Other elements might include the difficulty of accessing services by health care providers trained in best practices to reduce suicide risk, the stigma of using behavioral health treatment, and the stigma associated with losing a loved one to suicide.