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Visitors watch a replica of the Berlin Wall at an exhibition about the fall of the Wall in 1989 in a shopping center at Potdamer Platz square in Berlin September 4, 2014.

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We failed to reach an agreement to leave behind a security presence in Iraq as they transitioned to a new government. The administration allowed Bashar al-Assad to cross our red line without consequence and refused to engage in the Syrian conflict early enough to support the moderate opposition. Ultimately, the United States and the entire civilized world ignored the warning signs of the growing influence of this group and sat idly by while the situation spiraled out of control.

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Now the Trojans are trying to regain conference supremacy by beating the two-time defending Pac-12 champions at Stanford Stadium, where the Cardinal have the nation's longest active home winning streak at 17 games. Given what has taken place between these teams lately, though, players on both sides know what's at stake.

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During his speech in parliament, Hashmi criticized Sharif's policies but stopped short of calling on him to quit. "For the last four months, I have been trying to control each and every individual in my party, I could see the situation," he said.

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Liberia's Nimba County, which shares a border with IvoryCoast, has seen the number of Ebola cases balloon in recentweeks. According to Moses Massaquoi, the head of Ebola casemanagement at Liberia's health ministry, 65 cases including 25confirmed patients have now been reported there.

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"The sad fact is that more children are overweight in Ireland than in most European countries, they are drinking alcohol from a younger age and drinking more than ever before, and they take up smoking at a lower age than any other EU country. This clearly represents a failure to properly protect the health of our children," said IHF head of health promotion, Maureen Mulvihill.

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On the pledge of further devolution by the Westminster parties, he said: "Those interests must include the maximisation of the powers we need to address the pressing needs of the people of Scotland for jobs, for greater equality, and for greater life chances, generally for greater social justice."

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"I mean, it was a difficult period. I didn't know when I'm going to start back," said the 25-year-old Cilic. "But it was also a good period for me. I matured a bit more and I was working day after day.


He has since recovered from the disease, but he infected the doctor who treated him, who then himself died of Ebola. A third case in the oil city was a female patient in the same hospital as the doctor and caught the disease from him.

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This week, the presidential human rights commission published an open letter online demanding an investigation into the deaths this month of nine members of a motorized infantry brigade also sent to the southern Rostov region for military exercises.

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I therefore think that it's only common sense that any legislation banning the sale of electronic cigarettes should only apply to those under the age of 16. For your information, I'm a 68-year-old non-smoker so the proposal would not affect me personally.

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Ramelow is nonetheless something of a rarity on the German political scene. "This might not work in a different place with a different person" from the pragmatic Ramelow, said Oskar Niedermayer, a political science professor at Berlin's Free University.

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The partying never stopped, and even when Prince wasn’t around she found herself indulging her every whim. If the urge suddenly struck to have lunch at the Eiffel Tower, no matter where she was in Europe, her assistants made it happen. She writes that she had a “growing feeling that I could have anything I wanted, whenever I wanted.”

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But although the UK is one of those four countries (along with the US, Greece and Estonia) that still meet the 2% spending target, there are many unanswered questions about whether this country is prepared to increase its budget or will, on the contrary, make further cuts to its forces in next year's defence review.

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It’s a truly horrible thought, and one of many that Lawrence is probably grappling with right now (although I hope she's off having a dry martini somewhere hot), but a quick glance at Reddit, the social media site where many of the pictures have surfaced, proves that it’s happening.