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A graduated scale will fine players and coaches up to $5,000 apiece for excessive embellishment. Video-review officials will be able to correct a broader array of situations involving goal controversies. Teams will make the long change from their benches in overtime, in the hope of ending more games before the shootout. And the goalie trapezoid will be expanded by two feet from the goal post on both sides of the net, providing goaltenders more room to play the puck.

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“I think if I had a debit card and I shopped at a Dairy Queen in the time frame, I would ask the bank to change my debit card number,” said Adam Levin, identity theft expert and chairman and co-founder of

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Oliveira said he didn't anticipate issuing an evacuation order Monday. But residents should be prepared because it's difficult to predict the lava's movement. It was also raining over the flow site, he noted, which meant there wasn't a wildfire threat.

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The broadcasters have thrown up roadblocks throughout the process and are currently challenging aspects of the FCC's order in court, though they say they are fine with the auction as long as it remains voluntary.

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On the outside it is a beautiful car, but the interior looks like its design cues were from a late 90's Pontiac Grand Am. Also, the losing money on every unit made is an argument that has no merit and has become long in the tooth. Charge more for your product, do it right the first time and people will buy.

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Mr Hammond said: "This disease is an unprecedented threat that knows no borders. We have to get ahead of this disease. If we get ahead of it and rise to the challenge, we can contain it and beat it."

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Effectively vice-chairman, Lemierre's role at BNP was higher profile than at any other bank. His office sits at the heart of its Paris headquarters in the ornate room where Napoleon Bonaparte married Josephine in 1796.

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But after 11 years of civil war, there were few others whocould do the job. The last but one of 10 children from a humblebackground, Khan always wanted to be a physician like hischildhood hero Dr. Kamara, who ran a clinic in Mahera.

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A list of corporate donors to McConnell and his allied committees reads like the Fortune 500, from Citigroup to Raytheon. Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, a group set up by McConnell allies, touts large contributions from real estate tycoon Donald Trump, venture capitalist Lawrence DeGeorge of Florida and oil executive Curtis Mewbourne of Texas.