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Relief mixed with joy in the roar at the final whistle. Never one to bask in the limelight, Fairclough jogged towards the tunnel, shaking hands with a couple of Saint-Etienne players en route.


The leader of a pro-Iraqi government paramilitary force in western Iraq said the air strikes wiped out an Islamic State patrol trying to attack the dam - Iraq's second biggest hydroelectric facility that also provides millions with water.

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At just 39 years old, the candidate – as a member of the local press corps sagely observes – is indeed “pretty green,” but even so his bid to become the first Democrat governor of Georgia in more than a decade is far from hopeless.

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“In my view,” the judge said on Thursday, when announcing her verdict on the murder charges, “none of this evidence, from the state or defense, proves anything. Normal relationships are dynamic and unpredictable sometimes.”

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“Yeah, I kind of put that one to rest a couple days ago,” Decker said of Schlereth’s attack. The former Bronco suggested that Decker was barely a No. 2 receiver let alone a No. 1. “I’m not too worried what people say. (The)only thing I’m worried about is what my teammates think of me, what the coaching staff thinks of me, and we go to battle together.”