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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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They are former Wisconsin "Honey Queens" - statewide ambassadors for the beekeeping and honey industry. Their job is to travel throughout the state, speaking about honeybees at schools, festivals and farmers' markets.

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The scientists at the WMO are puzzled by this development. That last time there was a reduction in the biosphere's ability to absorb carbon was 1998, when there was extensive burning of biomass worldwide, coupled with El Nino conditions.

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Fiji has sent tens of thousands of peacekeepers to conflict zones from Lebanon to Somalia since 1978, and calculations based on an examination of wages and force levels suggests it may have earned well over $300 million during that period.

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In 2002, federal election and Senate travel rules changed to require that most trips where both official and campaign business occur be prorated between the two accounts. Previous to that, trip expenses could only be paid by one account.

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The Bauers sold most of their stake in the company in 2011. That’s when Crumbs was acquired for $66 million by the company that eventually took it public. Bauer stepped down as CEO soon after, and then watched as the empire he and his wife built slowly crumpled.

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The party says leaving the EU is the only way to be able to control who moves the UK from Europe and says it would boost the UK's border force to crack down on illegal immigration. They would also change the law so that those without identifying documents can be sent back to the country they travelled from.

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Growth worries particularly in the euro zone and China, geo-political risks as well as concerns about the effects of the Federal Reserve ending its massive stimulus have all conspired to unsettle global equity markets in recent weeks.