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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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Immigration has helped to make Canada one of the world's richest nations. Challenges related to discrimination and integration are gaining increasing attention. Many recent newcomers hail from Asia.


On Wednesday, insurance and pensions giant Standard Life said it was "planning for new regulated companies in England to which we could transfer parts of our business if there was a need to do so".

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Non-revolving credit, which includes auto loans as well as student loans made by the government, increased $20.65 billion in July to $2.36 trillion after an upwardly revised $16.99 billion increase in June.

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In exchange for the one-off payment to the Brazil Cotton Institute, or IBA, Brazil agreed not to take any further trade measures against the United States. The official said the United States could implement a new farm bill without concerns about retaliation.

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"I don't see why anyone would get into an IPO now in Brazil,the environment is not a good one," said William Landers, whooversees $4 billion in Latin American equities for BlackRock,the world's largest money manager. "Companies have to face thereality of higher risk premiums."