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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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In a message to its backers on August 22, Coin stated that it will delay the official launch of the Coin until the spring of 2015 to ensure its product works great for everyone who gets it. It has dialed back the date for manufacturing so it can get feedback from beta testers. Coin will launch a beta program this fall for backers to receive a pre-release version of the Coin, try it out and send feedback.


The prison, a forbidding brick and steel edifice with a reputation as the toughest in South Africa, is just a stone's throw from the High Court where Pistorius's six-month trial ended with not guilty verdicts on murder charges that carried certain jail terms.

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Our regional economy requires nothing less than a transportation system that is not just the largest, but the most efficient, modern and well-managed in the world. Most people are willing to pay their fair share, but first they want to see that the MTA is doing everything possible to help itself.