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Former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi repeatedly bashed Germany when he was the head of government, making repeated references to Germany’s protagonist role in World War II, and arguing that Germany asserted too much influence over European affairs. Il Giornale, a newspaper controlled by Berlusconi’s family, recently called German leader Angela Merkel -- who Berlusconi once insulted with an unprintable vulgar remark about her sexuality -- “the anti-Italian” in large letters on its front page.

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Boosting support for low-income borrowers could stircontroversy in the U.S. Congress. Many Republican lawmakersthink Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's policies to support mortgageaccess for the poor helped inflate the U.S. housing bubble thateventually burst around 2006.

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Saudi Arabia is to host talks with the United States, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and fellow Gulf Arab states on Thursday in Jeddah in an apparent attempt to support international efforts to tackle crises in Iraq and Syria.


There were many snails roaming the Earth at the same time as humans, from the Late Pleistocene and the Holocene periods. However, until this study researchers had not discovered whether Paleolithic humans ate snails. The research group that orchestrated this study discovered the remains of snail shells dating back to approximately 30,000 years ago at a spot in Spain called Cova de la Barriada, a spot where evidence of ancient human residences had recently been discovered. The researchers studied the snail shells to determine the likelihood of the ancient humans having gathered them to eat. They looked at patterns of the selection of shells, how many there were at the site, and how old the snails were when they died based on how large the shell was.

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Davoli plays a bluff, middle-aged clown who follows a shooting star from his cramped apartment in Rome to the city of Sodom, where the population are divided into gay and lesbian sects who come together, once a year, to procreate under a firework-filled sky.