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The second problem is that the Islamic State is in the state-building game. It is out to conquer, not merely to annihilate. But it was precisely such excessive and indiscriminate violence that proved the downfall of the Islamic State’s precursor, al-Qaeda in Iraq. Sunni groups, armed and protected by a surge of US forces, turned on the group in the so-called Awakening, expelling it from the same Sunni-majority areas in which it’s now encamped. Although the Islamic State initially sought to restrain itself in the places it seized over the first half of this year, its record has been patchy, to put it mildly. Iraqis may be accustomed to being ruled by terror, but it doesn’t mean they like it.

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“I want to be great,” Coples told the Daily News in a quiet moment. “I want to be mentioned as one of the greats. I want to have a positive legacy. I want people to be inspired by me. I want to be a positive role model and my legacy to live through somebody else that saw me or liked what I did. If I make it to the Hall of Fame or if I get all those accolades that you get with this game, that’s great. But it’s not like, at the end, if I don’t get that, I’ll go crazy. I don’t look at it like that.”

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Wealthy homeowners have been hit by an onslaught of tax changes since a mansion tax was first proposed – including the increase of stamp duty on homes worth more than 1m from 4pc to 5pc and 15pc on 2m dwellings bought by overseas investors.

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"Surveys such as the Scottish Government's health and care experience survey tend to suggest that while the public often praise the care they receive, there can be frustrations with the difficulty in accessing that care to begin with.

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The former Portuguese colony, home to just over 500,000people, is racing to build eight new resorts in the next threeyears, but faces a shortage of labour due to rigid regulationsthat prohibit foreigners from working at gaming tables.

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Leigh Castergine is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court, in Brooklyn, saying she was discriminated against by Jeffrey Wilpon, also the team's chief operating officer.

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Erdogan accuses Gulen's sympathisers of infiltratinginstitutions including the police and judiciary in an effort toseize the levers of state power, a struggle which has weighed onhis final months as prime minister and seen him purge thousandsof police officers and hundreds of judges and prosecutors.

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That left them to patch things together with three players recovering from injuries (Beatty, center J.D. Walton, guard John Jerry) and a rookie (guard Weston Richburg), and for a while it looked like exactly that — something that was thrown together. But behind the scenes, there was progress. Said Cruz: “It was just a matter of when it was going to click.”

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Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday that China cannot rely on loose credit to lift its economy, and reassured a business forum that Beijing would continue to roll out modest "targeted" measures as policymakers look to avert a sharper slowdown.

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But we are fast approaching a moment when we know what the worst of all worlds resembles. A desperately sick little boy now lies alone, in a hospital room in a foreign country, far from home, far from the doctors who know his case best, and forcibly separated by judicial decree from parents and siblings who – whatever their motives – undoubtedly love him dearly.

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The first would force banks to have more long-term bondsthat investors know can lose their value during a crisis, on topof their equity capital, to double their so-called TotalLoss-Absorbing Capacity (TLAC).

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He advises noteholders, such as Atrium European Real Estate,Concordia Bus, Damovo Group, in the workout and restructuring ofdistressed bonds and notes in Europe, and lenders in leveragedbuyout restructurings, including Alliance Medical, BulgariaTelecom and Findus.

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Building so much infrastructure has pushed Clean Energy deepinto debt. The company posted a pre-tax loss of $60 million inthe first half of this year, bringing total pre-tax losses sincethe start of 2011 to $271 million.

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Universal said in July that it acquired worldwide rights to Jolie's "By the Sea," a drama in production, written and directed by the actress who is also co-starring with husband Brad Pitt.

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The country wants to show it can service its debt and that its failure in July to complete a payment to holders of bonds that were restructured after its 2002 default was the result of adverse U.S. judicial rulings.

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Riccardi’s experience illustrates some of thefinancial challenges faced by people with disabilities, according to a reportreleased in July from the National Disability Institute. The study, whichuses data taken from 26,509 adults from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, found that the 12 to 19percent of Americanswith disabilities are far more likely tolive in or near poverty than other Americans, and they are more likely to sayit’s “very difficult to cover monthly expenses.” About30 percentofAmericans withdisabilities agreed with that statement, compared to just 15 percent of thegeneral population.

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He said that Australia was "very interested" inparticipating, though he did not provide details. He also voicedoptimism about a planned British parliament vote on Friday onthe matter, saying "they reckon it will be successful."

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Underlying the debate are different views among countriesand banks on what TLAC should do: allow a complete resurrectionof a bank that has failed, or just prop up those units of a bankthat are crucial to the stability of the entire system.