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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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Besides temporarily stopping the Made in America concert, the bad weather also forced the early end to the Electric Zoo musical festival on an island in New York's East River and halted play for the first time at this year's U.S. Open tennis tournament in Queens.

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With this app, your clock is a non-stop time lapse video of construction workers switching out pieces of lumber to shape the actual time. "It's mesmerizing," says Shawn Roberts, 47, an Oakland, California, marketing executive.

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Feldstein and Rubin, however, have there doubts about whether these so-called "macro prudential tools" are up to the task. "Our conclusion is not that the Fed should respond to those risks by raising interest rates now," the two wrote. "Weak labor markets are and should be a deep concern and a pressing issue. But the Fed should also take into consideration the possibility of excesses brought on by low interest rates that could create financial crises."

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The company increased its total dividend by 4.3pc to 84.5p per share, including a final dividend of 59p, which will be paid on November 14. Analysts described the dividend hike - the first in six years - as "unexpected".

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The group chanted: "Hands up, don't shoot," which has become demonstrators' rallying cry, as they moved along a street fronted by businesses with boarded-up windows and the ruins of a gasoline station burned out in a previous night of unrest.


"I thought we played really hard the whole game and we just couldn't finish in the first half some of those plays," Krzyzewski said, "and then they stayed with it and then the floodgates opened in the second half."

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Donald didn’t advance to next week’s third leg of the FedEx Cup playoffs. His missed cut at the Barclays was just another strike against him. He hasn’t finished in the top 25 of any tournament since April.

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"Communication failures remain the main cause of disputes. If the patient and dentist communicated clearly with each other about an issue it would reduce the amount of complaints made by about 40%. Dentists need to keep patients informed of the treatment plan and to deal with complaints promptly," commented DCRS facilitator, Michael Kilcoyne.

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The study found that at least seven in 10 obese adults and one in three overweight adults underestimated size, compared to less than one in 10 people of normal weight. In other words, they failed to recognise if someone was an abnormal weight.

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Apartment hunting can be stressful for any renter, butNew York City dwellers encounter a unique set of circumstances when looking fora place to live. Every seasoned New York City renter has a horror story — whether it’s the time they lost the perfect apartment or a blacklist of brokersthey refuse to work with again. While the process may feel like survival of thefittest, with these five tips, you’ll be one step closer to finding a greatplace to live, even if it isn’t rent-stabilized.


Goodell spent 43 minutes talking and answering questions in front of a massive media throng Friday — his first public comments in nine days amid the bruising public relations hit the league has taken over its response to domestic-violence and child-abuse accusations against several of its players.

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MOSCOW, Russia, Aug 21 (Reuters) - Russia said on Thursdayit was investigating dozens of McDonald's restaurants,in what many businessmen said was retaliation for Westernsanctions over Ukraine they fear could spread to other symbolsof Western capitalism.

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The annual prizes, meant to entertain and encourage global research and innovation, are awarded by the Annals of Improbable Research as a whimsical counterpart to the Nobel Prizes which will be announced next month.

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SYDNEY, Sept 17 (Reuters) - Australia's SAI Global Ltd, an industry compliance advisory firm, said onWednesday it had not received any bids for the whole companyafter putting itself up for sale, confirming investor concernsthat a proposed deal would collapse.

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School children in Elyria, Ohio are mourning the demise of a 40-year tradition — the loss of their beloved pink cookie. The fabled cookie, long served in local school cafeterias, was done in by a pound of butter, six cups of powdered sugar and the Obama administration’s food police.