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Many Democrats in Congress, including House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, have vowed to oppose the use of U.S. combat troops in any expanded military effort the Obama administration might want to conduct. Meanwhile, many Republicans have argued that Obama's plan will fall short of what is needed to stop Islamic State militants.

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Major private equity players and funds such as the Norwegiansovereign wealth fund, Pictet Asset Management, UBS Global AssetManagement and BlackRock have significant minority stakes in thelisted Brazilian water firms, as they have in Veolia and Suez.

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But a bigger system is about to turn against them. George is the longtime music teacher at a Catholic school. His employers are dismayed when they hear he’s married — they’ve known he was gay, but they can’t approve this. So George loses his job. Things go downhill from there.

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A rise in the number of foreign assisted suicides has provoked heated debate in Switzerland. In 2011, voters in the canton of Zurich rejected proposed bans on assisted suicide and "suicide tourism". A year later, the national parliament voted against tightening controls on the practice.

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Potential allies are right to be skeptical. How do you go about convincing yourself that Barack Obama “has your back” when he left his own people hanging out in Benghazi? Do you somehow think that if political considerations come into play that it will not take precedence over the needs of some ally?

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This month the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released findings on the problem of rising student debt burdens among retirees - and how the government goes after delinquent borrowers by going after wages, tax refunds and Social Security checks.

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Does that make it any better? Can private thoughts not reveal the public man? It was, perhaps, a plea from the LMA to the Football Association, pointing out that these were private exchanges and the governing body tends not to sanction in such instances, as happened with the Richard Scudamore sexist emails.

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Announcing the latest move, Cindy Rose, consumer director at Vodafone UK said that the company has already signed up well over a million Pay monthly customers to its 4G service over the past year and now it has decided to open up this great opportunity for its Pay as you go customers as well. Rose added that the company is also offering the best value 4G smartphone available, with these great value Freedom Freebees to go with it.