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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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"It muddies the waters considerably. If it said one memberhad voted for a rate hike, then we would have got away with it.But now you have got two and it does send a powerful signal,"Peter Dixon, equity strategist at Commerzbank, said.

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Our stand is crystal-clear – we want peace in Ukraine, which can only be attained through broad national dialogue in which all regions and all political forces of the country must participate. This is what Russia, the US, the EU and Ukraine agreed in Geneva on April 17.

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US secretary of state John Kerry arrived in Ankara on Friday for talks aimed at building a coalition against Isil jihadists, a visit that comes after Turkey said it would not allow its airbases to be used for strikes on the extremists.

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The rule, which was introduced in 2009, gave companiesbroader access to local capital markets. The new rules alsostate that trading of the securities can take place in boursesor over-the-counter markets 90 days after the offering. (Reporting by Guillermo Parra-Bernal; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn)


The conference represents the final Tory meeting before the general election in May. The party high command had been hoping to use the event to announce a series of policies with maximum publicity.

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According to GOAL CEO, Barry Andrews, Ireland must consider developing a national response plan for this crisis that includes experienced Irish healthcare professionals and experts from the Irish military.

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Even though India has the world's fifth-largest reserves ofcoal, at 61 billion tonnes, supply bottlenecks force manygenerators to import coal from abroad. While private sectorplayers are sourcing fuel from their own mines in countries likeAustralia, many state players can't afford to import.

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It’s seen with a pretty hair-raising point-of-view camera, asAnthonyattempts the route from Mansion House to Cannon Street, with a time ofone minute and 20 seconds to stay ahead of the Tube as it rumbles along underground.

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No matter the size of the scholarship program, as you get started, remember to research who’s offering the program. Corporations, foundations and individuals will have differing reasons for offering a scholarship.

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If you’re on the lookout for a timeless dress that will transform you into a Hollywood glamazon, then look no further than this jersey number which delivers ultimate style status, designed to accentuate feminine curves. And luckily for you (and us), the 169 maxi dress is still available to buy from Gorgeous Couture if you click to the right.

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Pierson took command of the Secret Service in 2012, with the charge to reform the agency after agents got caught in a prostitution scandal in Colombia. Eighteen months later on Sept. 19, a man with a knife jumped the White House fence, ran across the North Lawn, pushed through an unlocked front door and basically toured the first floor before being tackled.

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Richards, who previously moved to leave Ofcom in 2012 when he applied to become director-general of the BBC but was passed over for George Entwistle, said he would not consider his next move until he had departed the role.

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BEIJING (AP) — China on Thursday announced it will fine Audi $40.5 million and Chrysler $5.2 million in a sweeping anti-monopoly probe of the auto industry that has prompted complaints foreign businesses are being treated unfairly.

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Hollande's business-minded policies have alienated manyleft-wing lawmakers and voters already frustrated with hisfailed pledge to curb unemployment. He is now the most unpopularpresident in over half a century, with an approval score of 17percent in the latest Ifop poll.