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Download the Colorado Climate Preparedness Project Final Report (pdf)

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"You don't expect this sort of thing to happen in Britain, let alone a place like Malvern. It's been a nightmare getting any information from the police or the school. I went and collected my daughter straight away when I heard what had happened. She was not in the class where it happened but it's shaken her. She's been in tears and says she saw dozens of kids screaming and police everywhere."

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This would mean a Yes vote would mean Scotland leaving the EU and Mr Rajoy reminded the Basque Nationalist Party that the application process for joining took Spain eight years and “much longer for Croatia”.

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Tickets to the Vendy Awards cost $95 for unlimited food from participating carts and trucks as well as beer and wine, while $145 will buy VIP treatment with early admission. Attendees get to vote for the winner of the People’s Choice award, as well as the new Master’s Cup. vendyawards.streetvendor.org

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Moscow last month imposed a one-year embargo on meat, fish,dairy, fruit and vegetables from the European Union and othercountries in retaliation for Western economic sanctions overRussia's involvement in the Ukraine crisis.

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They’ll need the entire line to “step up” on Monday and, at the very least, not be the liability that it was last season. Because if the Giants’ offensive line can’t handle Detroit’s front four, McAdoo’s offense won’t have any hope of working at all.

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Federal agents lost control of some 2,000 weapons and many of them wound up at crime scenes in Mexico and the U.S. Two of the guns were found at the scene of the December 2010 slaying of border agent Brian Terry near the Arizona border city of Nogales.

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“Celeb horror moment,” he wrote from the Apple HQ in Cupertino, California. “In running to hug Chris Martin [I] spilled Kanye West’s drink. Dr Dre thought it funny at least #AppleEvent”


With fans periodically chanting his name and many standing for his at-bats Friday night, Jeter was 2-for-4 and put a jolt into the crowd by flying out to the warning track in left in the seventh inning. It’s the first time he’s had back-to-back multi-hit games since July 28-29 in Texas and he’s 4-for-8 with a homer in the two games of his final home stand.

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Police shot dead 40 rioters, some of whom were seeking to blow themselves up, after the explosions went off in Luntai county, according to the news website www.ts.cn, which is run by the Xinjiang Communist Party committee.

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Vietnam and China have a bloody history, fighting a briefborder war in 1979. They clashed at sea in 1988 when Chinaoccupied its first holdings in the Spratlys. China also tookfull control of another South China Sea island chain, theParacels, after a naval showdown with the then South Vietnam in1974.

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LAMANNA: Yes, it is absolutely one of my favorite dinosaurs. But I have to say, my favorite dinosaur of all time - it's a dinosaur called the Carnotaurus, and it's this really weird, meat-eating dinosaur from Argentina. It inspired me when I was a preteen, probably about 11 years old. It introduced me to the amazing worlds of southern hemisphere, southern continent dinosaurs. And so that's shaped my career to this day.

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The report suggests several approaches to reducing stigma at various levels and increasing the number of people seeking help for mental health issues such as: promoting personal recovery stories, establishing public policy that improves care systems, and enhancing mental health support systems.